Christopher's Gardens Inc
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Christopher's Gardens Inc.

Working primarily in the areas of Rosedale and Forest Hill, Toronto, the focus of Christopher's Gardens is to provide an array of horticultural
and related services to the private homeowner.
As a certified horticulturist, I bring many years
of specific training and expertise. This enables Christopher's Gardens to carefully assess the
needs of your property and offer solutions
and care in a professional manner.

You have an investment in your garden and lawn, both financially and emotionally. That investment needs to be protected and nurtured by someone who loves gardening and is trained in the art and science of horticulture.

Christopher's Gardens has a commitment to detail that will result in a garden and lawn which are attractive and well maintained year-round, giving prestige and increased property values
for our clients.

Choosing quality horticultural service

A professional Landscape Maintenance Service should be able to:

show you proof of horticultural
training from an accredited
list by botanical or Latin name
the perennials, shrubs and
trees in your yard;
offer less invasive alternatives
to chemicals when dealing
with insect and disease
offer creative ideas to improve
your garden and lawn health
and appearance.

If your current Landscape Maintenance Service is not this knowledgable and qualified, they should
not be in your garden.

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